On Board Colombia 2015: Our stay in Quimbaya near Panaca Park

Why we always come back to Colombia

Colombia is a country that has a lot to offer. It is so big and diverse that you need to visit it more than one time in your life to really “see it all”.

It is a country that deserves being recognized in the world for something different than drugs and violence. These images stayed in people’s minds and tourism plays an important role in changing the paradigms and stereotypes people have about Colombia.

We want people coming as travelers and leaving as ambassadors of Colombia.

Colombia’s magical realism and incredible joy and energy makes you want to come back to witness authentic smiles and full enjoyment of life. Their hospitality will make you want to come back to hug old friends and remember good memories while tasting a delicious Colombian meal!

We come back because it is also our roots. ON BOARD wants to show it the world.

If as a Colombian I, Marcela Fernández, don’t wish to bring the world to my country, the place I call home which made me who I am, then there is something wrong with what I am doing – because coming back to my place is a mirror for myself and an oasis to keep traveling the world with ON BOARD.

This is why Colombia is ON BOARD’s official headquarters.