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The World Is A Classroom

For some people life is too short to call one place home, too short to remain static and settle in one single place, too short to be rooted in one spot. Therefore, they travel to discover the world and a map becomes their home.

We like these kinds of people, in fact we are one of them. But for us the world is not only the continents and its 196 countries that we one day hope to have visited.

World of wisdom

The world for us is an open agora, an immense library, the best university and the most authentic and incredible classroom where learning simply happens and becomes exponential, because when you think you know too much, the wise world shows you that there is always more to learn.

For us the world is also a place to change not just a place to be.

We believe we can be active observers and shape the world for the better. This is why we travel – to understand that there is not one big reality, but that the contrast of our differences make us have a fragmented reality under one same humanity.

World is your home

And then the world becomes small, although our life is still too short to discover it, and when it becomes small we understand that our world, our home, is the cosmos, is this big planet called Earth that we feel called to protect.

If this classroom sounds appealing for you, if this way of learning sounds attractive and resonates with who you are or who you want to be, come ON BOARD and discover how the world can be your classroom.

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