Announcing our Ambassador Program

Announcing our Ambassador Program

And what it means to be an ambassador.

ON BOARD is an alternative education and travel program for remote workers (digital nomads), students, business owners, entrepreneurs, people in sabbaticals and travelers who want to see a country through the eyes of locals. Our participants put their talents into the service of the travel group and visited communities to learn from each other and initiate transformative processes both in our participants and the local people. It’s all about sharing what we know.

Behind the scenes we work a lot on scouting participants, creating per-country itineraries (places to sleep, eat, go, special activities), getting in touch with local mentors in the country, connecting with global partners and creating educative visual material (especially videos) for each country we visit.

Our trips cost about what you pay when traveling on your own. For example, a 30-days experience costs between 2,000 and 3,000 USD (depending on the living costs in a country) – including everything (food, drinks, accommodation, entrance fees, outdoor activities) except the flight ticket. We are aware that what we offer is worth 5,000+ USD – compared to the standard tuition fees of modern alternative education programs. As a startup with an inclusive code of conduct we want to keep the price very affordable for now, yet will adjust it in the future.

People in our offline and online travel-learn community see the added value of being part of ON BOARD and are happy to contribute through their means, also financially to keep the community going and growing.

However, from our applications we know that there are people who have a lot of value to contribute, but struggle to find the funds to join one of our learning trips. People in this group are for example students, people working for non-profits or from developing countries. We always have had a hard time declining their application because the way they presented themselves in terms of humanness, knowledge and skills gave us the feeling that this was a perfect fit.

Participate in our Ambassador Program
Participate in our Ambassador Program

The Ambassador Program

Born in New Orleans (NOLA 2015) in a great collaborative session with some of the coolest StartingBloc fellows was the idea of having a way to reach to a wider audience and the aforementioned group to make ON BOARD accessible for them as well, as we believe having a diverse (heterogeneous) group with people from various backgrounds is beneficial for everyone on the trip.

Today, we’re happy to announce the start of our Ambassador Program where people can exchange their skills working for ON BOARD with a discount on their program fee or refer participants to join one our learning trips.

Some people contribute financially to keep the community going while others with less cash but great skills contribute using their talent for ON BOARD. For example, if you refer 1 person that participates you gain 100 USD, or if you volunteer 5 hours per week* before or while ON BOARD you will get 5-10% off the program fee, or if 10 people you refer join one of our trips, you travel with ON BOARD for free. *result- and quality-driven, meaning that we will discuss what we want you to achieve and evaluate your level of execution

What you work on should be fair and beneficial for ON BOARD, the community and yourself. Here are some examples of possible projects to work on:

  • Helping us create per-country itineraries (places to go, sleep, eat) for upcoming countries
  • Helping us connecting with locals in the upcoming countries
  • Writing posts for our blog
  • Helping us with social media and other fields of marketing
  • Helping us scouting and interviewing applicants
  • Giving our founder Marcela a hand
  • Giving our lead designer Alexander a hand
  • Helping us creating more online-learning videos (of countries we visit and/or specific aspect of a country)

Help spreading the word: Our referral system

The Ambassador Program is a triple-win.

The ambassador wins by getting cash through referring people to one our trips. If one person you refer participates you get 100 USD. With your effort you also support our ambitious goals (world as a classroom) and meaningful objectives. Also, you show to be a good friend or helping hand for someone looking for an opportunity like our trips offer!

Be ON BOARD Ambassador: Invite your friends to travel. Earn cash.
Be ON BOARD Ambassador: Invite your friends to travel. Earn cash.

Our future participants win. Thanks to the ambassador the participant will have found something he/she was looking for so desperately, and live an unforgettable experience.

ON BOARD and the community wins by having you as an ambassador and valuable participant with us.

More Benefits of being an Ambassador

  1. You become part of a global community interested and passionate about traveling, learning and transforming lives for the better of society.
  2. You receive high-quality material helping you promote our upcoming ON BOARD experiences and retreats.
  3. By referring one our trips in your networks and to people you think might be interested, you are earning money that you could receive directly in cash or accumulate as discounts for who you want to join an experience with us.

Join our Ambassador Program

We’ll be having a limited number of slots to try out the program. If interested, please apply using this form.

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