Inspiring & educating video to travel Portugal

Despite its small size historic Portugal was a real conquering nation and a major economic, political and military power. In the Age of Discovery they divided the world into two with Spain and strongly influenced world history. Their colonial empire lasted about 600 years – enough time to spread their language that by today is spoken by 220 million people in 10 countries.

Medieval castles, peaceful cobblestone villages, world-famous wine, delicious and affordable seafood, delightful cities, brilliant beaches and warm weather are only some elements that make a visit to Portugal so exciting. Continue reading Inspiring & educating video to travel Portugal

Join us traveling Portugal in June and learn from locals

We’re thrilled to announce that ON BOARD will be heading to Portugal from June 11-20, 2016.

In a 10-days travel marathon we’ll be doing many things. Here’s an extract of our program:

  • Learn Portuguese
  • Sightseeing in Porto and eat local in Lisbon, surfing and relaxing nearby
  • Camping, trekking and enjoying the village life in São Pedro do Sul
  • Exploring Aveiro
  • Beach day near Coimbra
  • Village sightseeing in Mertola and river tour
  • and much much more

For the full program write us.

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Announcing our Ambassador Program

And what it means to be an ambassador.

ON BOARD is an alternative education and travel program for remote workers (digital nomads), students, business owners, entrepreneurs, people in sabbaticals and travelers who want to see a country through the eyes of locals. Our participants put their talents into the service of the travel group and visited communities to learn from each other and initiate transformative processes both in our participants and the local people. It’s all about sharing what we know.

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I’m from Colombia, This is My Country

A modern 2016 perspective from a Colombian woman (25) who loves her country and her German partner (32) who fell in love with it.

Colombia is hugebeautiful, and the most bio-diverse country in the world per square km. It’s incredible in its endless opportunities to enjoy your travels. Life happens outside here. Fans of archaeology and historic facts will be delighted by Tierradentro featuring pre-Columbian culture, the ruins of the Lost City and San Agustín archaeological sites. In present times, local farmers from the campo are always happy to invite you to live with them and learn to grow coffee or cacao, like our invitation for people from Slovenia. The calm Caribbean and wilder Pacific ignite the wish for adventure on a boat, beach, diving, snorkeling or just lazily getting tainted to swim as a refreshment after.

Why not have your first Salsa class and enjoy the famous nightlife while you discover its delicious food? You can use the travel tips in our upcoming Colombia Travel Guide 2016 with inspirations for your travel year 2016 and places you haven’t heard of.

Colombian countryside with horses in San José Del Nus
Colombian countryside with horses in San José Del Nus

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One tip on how to make 2015 unforgettable!

On Board TravelIf you are someone that cares, a change-maker, a learner, an innovator, a doer, if you are looking for meaning and want to make your time on Earth as worth it as possible, or if you want to give someone an advice that could make them incredibly happy, this tip could serve you.

Why could this advice be so important? Because it not only applies for 2015 you can apply it now and forever, and because it works. Continue reading One tip on how to make 2015 unforgettable!