Frequently asked questions

What is ON BOARD, in 1 sentence?

A travel-learn community that sees traveling as the most authentic way to learn.

Where do we travel?

See our upcoming learning journeys.

Where do we learn?

You set our own learning goals - while we provide and facilitate the learning context. We help you accomplish that. Also, for Slovenia we especially focus on learning nuggets about entrepreneurship, fair trade, coffee, cacao and wine production. You will also learn from our mentors.

How will we do good?

Doing good can be harmful when done inappropriate. ON BOARD aims to do good by being active observers in the first place. We do thoughtful, non-invasive actions, like helping to build up a roof in poor communities or listening to the stories they tell. The observation and construction processes are accompanied by analysis and reflection on what we did and learnt.

Can I join for less then 10 days?

Yes. Joining for a long weekend (3 days) is the minimum to guarantee a valuable experience. Ideally we would like to have you for 4 weeks so you immerse yourself into the country (and yourself) very intensively. You learn about the country so much that you maybe become an ambassador of it, very naturally. Write us if you have a specific request.

Who else will be ON BOARD?

We aim for small travel-learn groups of 10 to 15 people per journey - ideally they travel together for a month. This can be remote worker / digital nomads, people in a gap year or sabbatical, students and experienced travelersand people who are already local or traveling the country already.

Will we travel the whole country

Yes and no. Our goal is to see as much as possible within 30 days. In bigger countries like Colombia we choose particular regions to see. Smaller countries like Slovenia area easy to travel through completely in 1 month. We were able to explore a good amount of Guatemala as well.

What happens once an ON BOARD experience is over?

ON BOARD is a community of travelers, learners, seekers, doers, creatives, artists and those challenging themselves. Therefore, an ON BOARD experience is usually only the start to shape yourself and the circles you influence.

After 30 days you have a lot to digest with plenty of insights, thoughts, ideas and inspirations. You learnt intensively about one country in only 1 month and learnt potentially even more about yourself. That’s why the outcome is as invidual as every country and human person.

Watch our participants' testimonials to get an idea of the impact ON BOARD has on them.

What is the application process?

We make sure that you enter the program with a group of cool and interesting peoople, people that add tons of value (to you and the group) - personally and professionally. During the selection process we look for human qualities, passion, values and something we call the "ON BOARD essence".

  1. Apply online
  2. Interview (Skype or Google Hangout)
  3. Your manifesto and our letter of acceptance

The process can take between 3 and 10 days. It mostly depends on your agility. We attend applications in the order they are submitted.

Any tips on how to apply with success?

We invest a lot of time and effort building up the ON BOARD community to add as much value as possible to the ON BOARD participants, local communities, experts and different parties involved.

That's why we are very selective. Some tips on how to be successful with your application:

  • We want to see the authentic you. This is not a college or job application, you can be as creative as you want and be as real as you are.
  • We value passion and appreciate if you show us that you care about the application by answering it completely, thoughtfully and succinctly.
  • Before applying, check our website and read the answers of our FAQ carefully.
  • If you have any problems answering our questions, let us know at:
  • Make sure to write in the application an email that you check often. In case your application is successful, we will reach out to you through this email to arrange an interview.



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