We facilitate transformative processes


  1. Promoting sustainable tourism and supporting the local economy of the respective country we travel to

  2. Transforming yourself and the world for the better by using your personal gifts applied to the needs of the local communities we visit while enjoying the process and having fun

  3. Seeing the world through the eyes of locals while you think in a global mindset

  4. Making travelers understand that the world can be your classroom using traveling as the most authentic way to learn

  5. Creating initiative processes and providing possibilities for social entrepreneurship


  1. We see ON BOARD to become a unique program for transformation as a human person and professional, and learning to learn from every little aspect you encounter in any place in the world in any situation.

  2. In order for that to happen we are building a global a network of local partners, experts, professionals, supporters and friends making the world your classroom.

  3. Our manifesto complements our vision very well. Read our manifesto


For the eternal travel-learner unwilling to rest

This is a journey. You make it epic.

  1. Learn in the most authentic way. Shape yourself and the world for better.
  2. Be a traveler, not a tourist. Gain an authentic view of reality, don't escape it.
  3. Celebrate your uniqueness and discover talents never unwrapped before.
  4. Become your best self. Observe, analyze, reflect, construct. Inimitable, individual and most thoughtful.
  5. Strangers become friends, friends become teachers, teachers become masters and the road becomes your biggest classroom.
  6. Transform your fears into adventures, unknown lands into breath-taking stories, simple words into mind-shifting lessons, tedious burdens into engaging challenges.
  7. You are a servant, a helping hand longing to be extended.
  8. You create the missing link between your gifts and the world's needs.
  9. Embrace and admire the uniqueness of every encounter.
  10. I am radiating my best self to the world to present my biggest gifts to its living beings because I am an ON BOARDER and the world is my classroom!

By clicking "Yes, I'm an ON BOARDER." you agree with the ON BOARD Manifesto.


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