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We aim for a diverse (heterogeneous) group with people from various backgrounds. The following kind of people joined us in the past.


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Our story

It all started in Mexico

ON BOARD was born in November 2013 when Marcela and Alexander were traveling together in a local bus up in the mountains of the Mexican Sierre Madre, on the way into the valley.

11 months after in Colombia

One year later we actually started working on it. Our philosophy and methodology makes learning the core of our traveling experiences. We show that the world is a classroom and experiencing it through travel as the most authentic way to learn. Learn how it works.


The Organizers & Facilitators

Marcela Fernandez, Founder of ON BOARD

Marcela Fernández

ON BOARD Founder

Alexander Kluge, Co-creator of ON BOARD

Alexander Kluge

ON BOARD Co-creator

Marcela, ON BOARD Founder, is a globetrotter and life-long education-hacking journeyer. She enjoys meeting people and new cultures, helped victims of natural disasters, e.g. typhoon Yolanda in 2013 (PhilippiNOW) and was confronted with human tragedies of war.

Now 25 she visited 45 countries, lived in 7 of them, and learned 6 languages (French, Spanish, Italian, English, Portuguese and German).

She’s on a journey to live out and prove that non-traditional educational paths can be viable options for young people by creating her career as a Flow Consultant. With "EduAction" she's working on a documentary as a side-project about alternative education projects as a way to spend your gap year or replace it for a formal university path.

Being passionate about making the world better she's now co-creating On Board, a mobile outdoor classroom where mindful, continuously moving students learn, travel and make an impact in the communities they visit.

Her credo Making people fly and flow.

— Marcela Fernández, Colombia

Alexander, ON BOARD Co-creator, is the author of Coastery, teacher at Coastery Camp, designer, explorer and a traveling remote worker. He aims to live a rich, adventurous, non-boring life and shapes his understanding of the world through attentive observation and thoughtful behavior.

His credo: To transform lives for the benefit of society (thank you Austin)

— Alexander Kluge, Germany

Our worldwide local team

Our local teams are currently in Slovenia and Guatemala. Since Colombia is the ON BOARD home country we have strong partners here as well.

Ivana Florencia, Team Slovenia
Živa Lopatič, Team Slovenia
Tine Čokl, Team Slovenia
Yussef Randhú, Team Guatemala
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