Explore Catalonia. Authentic. Local. Fresh.

Catalonia. Authentic. Local. Fresh.

Fascinating Catalonia

Barcelona. Costa Brava. The Pyrenees. All in 1 trip!

Catalonia is an autonomous region in the northeastern corner of Spain and one of the most popular destinations to visit among Spaniards and foreigners. Considering its territory the land features a very rich geographical diversity:

  • Far-reaching mountains as part of the Pyrenees,
  • The green foothills of these mountains flattening to towards the coastline,
  • Wide rivers like the Ebro that cut through these valleys all the way to the Mediterranean seashores where the call of the Costa Brava can’t be overheard.
Explore Catalonia with ON BOARD

12 days exloring

In Spain, Catalonia is one of the most prosperous regions. Also, the region is greener than the Southern part of Spain because it gets more rain. This allows different kinds of crops to grow here. Especially in the North it is much less hot than in the rest of Spain which makes the stay more enjoyable.

For Jul 12-23, 2016 together with our partners (Pandorahub, CODINO and NAII) we have organized a learning journey through the entire region of Catalonia.

In 12 days you will learn about the Catalonian region, their people and culture. You visit all the popular spots, but dive deeper into the region in order to understand what Catalonia is all about. This includes Barcelona, Sitges, Tamariua, the abandoned village of Solanell and other rural villages near the Pyrenees.


We will organize every day, always with enough time and space for your own explorations. Every day three meals with local specialties. Interesting conversations with locals and mentors.

Also: Curious learning exchange with your fellow travelers. Transport from A to B. Overnight stays in cool city spots, relaxed coastal towns and very locally inland to enjoy the refreshing, pure nature.

Feels so good!

Catalonia has a special position in Spain, and the Catalans have a high pride in being Catalan.

If you want to get to know the local culture, without being touristy blinded; if it’s important to you to understand what makes the region so unique; if you have been in Catalonia, but only did superficial tourist trips, then we look forward to seeing you on July 12 for 12 days.

You have to be able to speak English or Spanish (and be willing to practice/learn English - participants come from around the world and English is the biggest common ground). Therefore, the application is in English, see: beonboard.org/apply.

You have to be open for a very different travel experience because you not only explore the land very profoundly, but also yourself deeply. The goal: Discover your best self. The journey will help you. With every day.

Are you ready for Catalonia and your best self?

If you have questions, write us. We’re looking forward to hearing from you :)

Impressions from Catalonia

Coastal beachtowns, historic city quarters, and wide landscape to breathe in the power of nature. As diverse as not many other regions in Spain on such an amount of space.

Impressions from Solanell

An abanboned rural village our partner Pandorahub is re-establishing as a co-working and co-living hub for startups, digital nomads and the makers of today and tomorrow.

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ON BOARD Catalonia, Spain, Jul 12-23, 2016



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