How ON BOARD works

Travel. Learn. Do Good. Connect

Our transformative experiences use the power of travel to facilitate learning, doing good and connecting to yourself and the world.

ON BOARD: Travel, learn, do good, connect


Fantastic destinations that will open your scope to new possibilities

We believe the most fun and engaging way to open your mind, cherish other people and empathize with the world is traveling. We take you to breathtaking locations, encourage you to bond with the local culture and help you see a broader perspective of yourself and the world.

A day with ON BOARD

Every day is different. Our activities are optional for every participant. In general we have literal travel days, explorations days of the areas around us (incl. meeting locals, mentors, day activities) and days of relaxation.

On the the road and in a location there's always time to learn, connect to the people around you and do good in the communities we visit in a non-paternalistic way.

Here is a sample day while ON BOARD:

  • 7.30 am: Wake up and do some physical activity, like yoga, jogging, playing a game, etc.
  • 8.15 am: Breakfast (for example in Colombia we had hot chocolate, arepa and tamal). Check-in with the group. Personal time
  • 9.15 am: Head out (for the day activity) and discover local communities living remote from the urban areas
  • 1 pm: Lunch with local cuisine
  • 2 pm: Peer-to-peer learning and teaching, as well as shared learning in a group
  • 6 pm: Mentors workshops / learning talks
  • 7.30 pm. Dinner you can help preparing and telling life stories while eating
  • 8.30 pm: End of day. Check-out. Reflection time, free time, mingle time, your time

This is just an example, the activities vary every day. If you have more questions read our FAQ or write us.

Check-in (morning)

Everyone shares on an optional basis how they are feeling so the group and especially the facilitators can take this into consideration.

Day activities

Our learning journeys are flexible and adaptable to the group's needs. We provide a general structure and many possibilities to take full advantage of the day. A normal day could be a mixture of adventure, interaction with locals and the local culture, learning activities, reflection and leisure time.

Read how a day with ON BOARD looks like.

Check-out (evening)

Since we go through external (geographical) and internal journeys during the whole program the evening check-out is the space to digest the day and share your experiences with your fellow travelers.

Learn highlight

Let joyful learning and unique traveling be the push towards global betterment!


Create, explore and discover a group of passionate people

We set a learning context (e.g. a country, general topic) in which you define what you commit to learn and put into practice. Topics our participants chose in the past were:

  • innovation
  • (social) entrepreneurship
  • sustainable tourism
  • fair trade
  • organic food
  • business development
  • personal development
  • language studies
  • developing soft skills
  • leadership
  • applied storytelling
  • creativity techniques
  • local culture studies

Engaging in travel experiences opens your mind, makes you alert and more willing to absorb, keep and apply the knowledge that every new person, place and experience offers.

4 ways to learn and teach

ON BOARD: Learn individually

We encourage you to look for learning material and experiences that you can engage in individually.

ON BOARD: Learn peer to peer

Use your skills and knowledge to be a student and a teacher at the same time.

ON BOARD: Learn from experts and mentors

We learn from experts, mentors and locals who will share their passion, experience and advice.

ON BOARD: Learn from local communities

The first-hand experience of local people in their communities, traditions, environment and the local leader’s expertise will leave a profound imprint in your unique knowledge pool.

Travel highlight

Traveling is the most authentic way to learn.

Do good

Create, share and exchange social, economic and environmental value around the globe

On your learning journey your develop the skills that enable you to do good (sustainably) to an extent which is only limited by the power of your creativity, your listening and hands-on action capabilities.

Do good by actively observing, analyzing, reflecting and them constructing

  • Uncover and explore the local and local's needs to create sustainable projects which correlate and empathize with them.
  • Increase your knowledge and bond with new people to add value locally thinking of the global impact it can have
  • Link the ones you help with the connections you made on the road and your home country to spread the word and initiate borderless collaboration and exchange

Do good highlight

Make a social, economic and environmental impact while you travel. The do-good opportunities are enormous and an adventure itself.


In a global community change makers connected to local experts, mentors and the communities we visit

Purpose-driven communities can make the world a better place. ON BOARD is connected to the global community wanting transform yourself and the world for the better, and have fun in the process.

Connect to co-travelers, locals, leaders and mentors

Before, during and after the trip you will connect with diverse people who will shape your perception, sharpen your reflection and focus your actions.

On Board Bus Connects co-travelers, mentors, local people, leaders and experts

Join the community

Maximize your scope of possibilities. Intentionally. With meaning and purpose. Keep learning, traveling and creating value. Make and scale your positive impact in the world!

With a networking community of ON BOARDERS like you, local people in their communities, inspiring mentors and leading experts in their fields you are connected to an aspiring global movement of change-makers who travel meaningful like you.


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