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Authentic 1 to 3 weeks learning journeys and travel adventures connecting to a country and yourself — consciously and sustainably


The world is your classroom. Learn together in a small group while you travel 1 to 3 weeks in a foreign country or region. We learn from local mentors and experts visiting local communities and making an impact in the places we are visiting to transform yourself and the world for the better.

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Trips in 2016 and 2017

1 to 3 weeks per journey

As a top destination in the world our next trip is going to happen in Colombia. Select a destination below.

ON BOARD Colombia 2016

COL Workation

Autumn '16

ON BOARD Colombia 2016

COL Journey

Nov '16

ON BOARD San Fermín 2017

San Fermín

July 7-10 '17

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What's included?

  1. Everyday accommodation
  2. Everyday transportation
  3. Everyday food and drinks (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
  4. All entrance fees
  5. Learning from mentors
  6. On the road learning experiences
  7. Outdoor activities
  8. ON BOARD learning kit and journal
  9. Peer-to-peer learning, shared group-learning
  10. Workshops with mentors and participants
  11. Connection to the country, its local people and culture
  12. Lifetime membership to our global community

Not included

The Price of Learning Journeys

You can join our learning journeys for 1 to 3 weeks. Prices range from $66 to $100 US per day. If you join longer, you save more.

Where does the price come from?

We are calculating $66 to $100 US per day depending on the country we visit and how long you join. Each country has different costs of living that are directly reflected in our prices.

Your ON BOARD participation fee covers our biggest expenses, including:

  • time to scout and interview participants,
  • facilitator expenses,
  • building up the program (local team, locations, group activities, special activities with our mentors and experts),
  • making all of our accompanying events happen.

I'm maybe not able to afford ON BOARD - what can I do?

  • Join for a longer time - both your flight ticket and ON BOARD costs go down the longer you join
  • Join our ambassador program - help scouting and interviewing participants, and spread the word as on official ambassador
  • Volunteer 5 hours per week* while or before ON BOARD to reduce your program fee costs up to 10% - the work is result- and quality-driven, meaning that we will discuss what we want you to achieve and evaluate your level of execution

For example: If you find 10 people who will join an ON BOARD learning journey, you join FOR FREE!

Please ask about pricing during your interview after your application.

What else should I know?

We answer the most common questions in our FAQ page. For everything else, send us an email.


Past trips

ON BOARD Italy 2016


Jun 23-Jul 7

ON BOARD Colombia 2016


Mar 28-Apr 11

ON BOARD Guatemala 2015


Nov 2015

ON BOARD Slovenia 2015


Sep 2015

ON BOARD Colombia


Mar-Apr 2015

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Among others, Marion and Jorge joined us in Colombia when we traveled and learned 30 days around Bogotá, Medellín and the coffee region.

Marion about ON BOARD



Jorge about ON BOARD



Jorge Aristizabal

For me ON BOARD was an awakening moment, it was that small push that I needed to get me moving in the direction of my dreams. It can be so deep and so light at the same time that I learned the biggest things about myself, at the same time we were joking and hanging around.

— Jorge Aristizabal, Colombia

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Marion Gabioud

ON BOARD is not an "anonymous" organization. To me, it is Alex, Marcela & Camilo, and all the other people who made me live 30-days of travel in Colombia, co-travellers as well as contacts carefully (and amazingly!) chosen by the ON BOARD team, giving me the opportunity to meet special people who had a true will and a true love in them, that they were just incredibly open to share! It made me more conscious of what is done in this country, who believes in its value, and just opened my mind again to how I can change what I want in my own life to live more in adequation to my philosophy.

Travelling with a special team and other travellers willing to see the places with new eyes, meet people who share stories and put yourself at the place of the others while living besides them, in their houses, drinking their freshly picked coffee or tasting the cheese made with the cow's milk you've milked the same morning!

— Marion Gabioud, Switzerland (read her review on Go Overseas)


Two nomadic souls with backgrounds in social work and the media industry who have been working since October 2014 on making people want to deeply connect to the world as the most authentic, diverse and interesting classroom to learn from and within.


For the eternal travel-learner unwilling to rest

This is a journey. You make it epic.

  1. Learn in the most authentic way. Shape yourself and the world for better.
  2. Be a traveler, not a tourist. Gain an authentic view of reality, don't escape it.
  3. Celebrate your uniqueness and discover talents never unwrapped before.
  4. Become your best self. Observe, analyze, reflect, construct. Inimitable, individual and most thoughtful.
  5. Strangers become friends, friends become teachers, teachers become masters and the road becomes your biggest classroom.
  6. Transform your fears into adventures, unknown lands into breath-taking stories, simple words into mind-shifting lessons, tedious burdens into engaging challenges.


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