Board Assessments

Assessments lay the groundwork for your board’s future, helping your team prioritize actions that strengthen governance performance and practices. Be it an annual board assessment, committee assessment, or CEO evaluation, assessments offer a powerful way to continuously enhance board performance through actionable insights.

Uncover Actionable Insights

Assessments enable boards to gauge their performance against the organization’s objectives.
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Anonymous Feedback

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Templates Made By Experts

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Real-Time Progress Tracking

Expert Templates

Leverage pre-built assessment templates, crafted by governance experts without the expense. Customizable assessment criteria offers the flexibility to assess and evaluate not only boards, but committees and CEOs too.

Collect Candid, Honest Feedback

All feedback is gathered anonymously, generating insights into board performance based on sincerity and authenticity.

Assessment results

Transform Insights into Action

Managing assessments can be time-consuming, but OnBoard’s Board Assessments streamline the process from start to finish. Once the results are in, intuitive data visualizations facilitate focused analysis, leading to smarter, more informed decision-making for your board’s future.

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