Skills Tracking

OnBoard Skills Tracking offers insights into your board’s competencies for better visibility into its composition. Easily identify your board’s experience in specific areas, highlight gaps, and take action to build a recruiting plan that aligns with your organization’s strategic direction.

Achieve True Board Intelligence

Create a more effective board through transparency and insights.

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Track Board Skills

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Simplify Succession Planning


Actionable Board Intelligence

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Visualize Your Skills

Identify and Visualize Existing Skills

Input your board members’ experience, background, and expertise, and OnBoard provides a comprehensive overview of your board’s skill set. True board intelligence enables you to develop a well-rounded board that achieves objectives more effectively.

Enhance Recruitment & Succession Planning

The best boards utilize a diverse mix of skills and experience to foster varied perspectives and promote innovative, strategic discussions. OnBoard Skills Tracking assists organizations in leveraging insights for a thoughtful and holistic approach to recruitment and succession planning.

Streamline Data Management and Security

Store board skills data in a single, secure repository that’s easily accessible when needed. This single source of truth minimizes complexity and reduces the tools required to track board members’ skills while keeping sensitive data protected.

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Elevate Your Board's Decision-Making with OnBoard

OnBoard combines the highest level of security with innovative features designed to optimize your board’s effectiveness. Start your journey and unlock unparalleled security, insights, and efficiency.