Bank Board Management Software

Outdated third-party board portals, homegrown systems, and paper or PDF-based methods are no longer sufficient in today’s banking environment. For over 15 years, OnBoard has worked with bank leaders, boards, and their committees, providing real insights with a system that streamlines communication and increases board effectiveness.

How OnBoard Helps Banks

  • Addresses the evolving regulatory environment and cybersecurity threats
  • Offers secure, real-time access to critical and confidential board materials
  • Enterprise-grade security with Microsoft Azure and independently-certified compliance
  • Award-winning, intuitive user interface for seamless board meeting management

Why Banks Are Making The Switch

Financial institutions are under increased scrutiny in an ever-evolving regulatory environment. Amid external cybersecurity threats and constant economic changes, secure and real-time access to critical and confidential board materials is essential for banks.

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Our Customers Say it Best

For over 15 years, we’ve worked with banks every day to create a board management solutions that solve their challenges. That’s why we’re the only board portal endorsed by the Independent Community Bankers of America and the Texas Bankers Association.

David Mooney
David MooneyCEO | Finance | Mid-Size
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“OnBoard solves the challenge of how to efficiently and effectively

disseminate information, deliver documents, collaborate and engage. That becomes important to effectiveness; otherwise you run the risk of being overrun and overwhelmed by what’s out there.”

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Paula Sheamer Finance Administrative Officer
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“OnBoard has helped me save 40 hours in prep time for every single board meeting,”

“OnBoard facilitates navigation through material in a more efficient manner. I like the fact that I can preview the material before the meeting and go back and review after the meeting. It helps make the meeting more efficient and focused."

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Tersa C.Chief Operations Officer | Banking
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“We Love How User Friendly The Product Is.

Whether you are an administrator or a user it is easy to navigate. We had tried board meeting software in the past and were unsuccessful in transitioning the product but it was too difficult to use, so we were skeptical. OnBoard exceeded our expectations. Even our most "non-tech" members can use the product with ease.”

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William B.CEO | Finance | Mid-Size
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"Big Time Saver"

In our last board product, it was necessary to convert the files all to .pdf format prior to upload. Upon converting to OnBoard we found the ability to upload various file formats a big time saver for the team putting together all of the reports.

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Why Banks Select OnBoard

OnBoard’s is the most effective, simple, and secure way to run your board meetings. With enterprise-grade, Microsoft Azure-backed independently-certified security and a award-winning intuitive user interface, OnBoard streamlines governance responsibilities to drive real lasting value.

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First National Case Study
First National Bank of Texas

Learn how OnBoard Drove a 272% ROI at First National Bank Texas

Sturgis Case study
Sturgis Bank & Trust Company

How Sturgis Bank Accelerated Loan Processing and Reduce Meetings by 75%

Pan American Bank Trust Case Study
Pan American Bank & Trust

See how Pan American Bank found OnBoard and transformed their organization

Unquestionably Essential Board Governance Software

The OnBoard board intelligence platform is designed to work the way you do, addressing real-world needs and reducing complexity so boards and leadership teams can work smarter, move faster, and achieve more for the organizations they govern.

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Elevate Your Board's Decision-Making with OnBoard

OnBoard combines the highest level of security with innovative features designed to optimize your board’s effectiveness. Start your journey and unlock unparalleled security, insights, and efficiency. 

Agenda Builder

OnBoard’s Agenda Builder is the fastest meeting creation tool, period. But speed is only part of the equation. The agenda and meeting builder is a drag-and-drop, every file-type enabled, template powered, cloning capable, document organizing, decision tracking, powerhouse.

Board Assessments

Assessments lay the groundwork for your board’s future, helping your team prioritize actions that strengthen governance performance and practices. Be it an annual board assessment, committee assessment, or CEO evaluation, assessments offer a powerful way to continuously enhance board performance through actionable insights.

Director & Officer Questionnaires

OnBoard sets the standard for end-to-end board governance with a robust and integrated D&O Questionnaire solution that supports your ongoing compliance. A critical and necessary component of your board’s annual calendar, the integrated questionnaire offers ongoing reminders to your directors and streamlines reporting and review.

Meeting Analytics

Engagement Analytics offers anonymized and aggregated real-time insights into how your board works. Know when board books are read, where annotations are made, and what sections are receiving the most attention from the board. It makes meetings smarter by bringing data to bear, shining light on topics that demand an extended discussion.

Meeting Minutes Builder

The minutes builder unifies your workflow, enabling you to make minutes directly within OnBoard. Effortlessly make notes, create tasks, track attendance, and mark motions as the meeting progresses. The builder makes it easy to focus on the meeting itself, a must have for every meeting workflow.

Secure Messenger

OnBoard Messenger is a whole new way to collaborate around board work. Directors, administrators, and executives can simply start a direct conversation or bring in the entire board into the discussion.

Notes & Annotations

When inspiration strikes, a great idea needs to be recorded, or there’s a detail that can’t be overlooked, OnBoard’s powerful notes and annotation tools are ready for you. It’s the perfect complement that aids reviews and makes meeting preparation more thoughtful.

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Microsoft 365 Integration

With OnBoard’s integration with Microsoft 365, your board professionals can combine the best of two powerful platforms for seamless workflows and collaboration. The Integration enables real-time edits, comments, and updates across Microsoft-native files that automatically sync to OnBoard.

Voting & Approvals

OnBoard delivers a seamless platform to support directors who need to make high impact decisions from any device. It equips directors and leadership to organize, track, review, comment, and approve decisions – from anywhere. 

Zoom Integration

OnBoard has always connected with your favorite video conferencing technology – now we’ve made that experience even better. OnBoard now directly integrates with Zoom, a singular meeting  experience that enables directors and CEOs to meet face-to-face directly within the platform. No need to switch between apps. Just your meetings without distraction.