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A cloud-first platform designed for directors, executives, and administrators, offering an exceptional user experience combined with advanced analytics and insights. Made by tech for tech, so your team can plan for what’s next and accelerate your vision for the future.

How OnBoard Helps Tech Companies

  • Cloud-first platform tailored for tech companies with advanced analytics and insights
  • Helps manage pre-IPO diligence and limit settlement value of potential nuisance claims
  • Preserves communication privilege by eliminating the need for third-party email channels
  • Provides real-time information for better decision-making and long-term value creation
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Why Tech Companies Are Making The Switch

OnBoard assists companies preparing for IPOs by managing the scope of pre-IPO diligence and minimizing the settlement value of potential nuisance claims related to the IPO.

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Preserve Privilege With Industry-Leading Compliance

The use of an email account provided by a separate employer destroys privilege — a particular risk to independent directors. OnBoard keeps your private communications private, eliminating the need to communicate over third party channels and preserving your privilege.

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SOC 2 Certified

Our procedures, controls and security practices have been audited by outside firms with a focus on our availability, security, privacy, confidentiality.

ISO 27001

ISO 27001 Certified

Our world-class security program and infrastructure is ISO 27001 certified, ensuring information assets such as financial data, intellectual property, and employee details are safe and secure.

GDPR Compliant

OnBoard is compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It's part of our commitment to protecting the privacy of our customers around the world.

HIPAA Compliant

We know that healthcare providers experience frustration when selecting and adopting cloud solutions. That's why we've invested heavily into maintaining complete HIPAA Compliance.

Our Customers Say It Best

At OnBoard, we are dedicated to providing the best possible solution for our customers. But don’t just take our word for it — hear what our customers have to say about their experience.

Clarissa S
Executive Secretary |
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"Seamless Transition"

The engagement of the OnBoard sales and service team has been exceptional. Their support has made the transition from our previous board meeting platform to OnBoard seamless.

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William B.
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"User Friendly, More Flexible"

I have been impressed with OnBoard since our executive secretary brought us the product to test. I had hoped for something that was user friendly, more flexible for the various report files we upload, and lower cost than our past product. All of these were checked off the list.

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Betsy P.
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"Very Helpful "

Customer service and relationship management teams are very helpful and willing to provide additional education when needed.

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Amy S.
Executive Assistant
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"Above And Beyond"

Moving to this software and training everyone on how to use it was easily accomplished, even for some of our older, more technologically challenged members. This software is easy to navigate during Board meetings and has all the features we need to run a meeting smoothly.

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Sara F.
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"Purpose, Product Improvements, & Continuous Innovation"

OnBoard is constantly updating their platform and making it more and more user friendly each time. Uploading documents is fast and easy!

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William B.
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"Big Time Saver"

In our last board product, it was necessary to convert the files all to .pdf format prior to upload. Upon converting to OnBoard we found the ability to upload various file formats a big time saver for the team putting together all of the reports.

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Modernize Your Strategy With Innovative Intelligence

Equip your board with a real-time information that helps leaders see the forest from the trees, keeping their attention focused on long-term value creation.

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JMI Case Study

“Safeguarding data and other sensitive information is a must-have in our deal flow. OnBoard’s granular access controls and user provisioning helps ensure that our information stays secure and that our overall investment strategy remains well-protected.”

Insights For Recruitment & Succession Planning

OnBoard Skills Tracking gives you insights into competencies for better visibility into current board composition. Quickly identify your board’s experience in specific areas and highlight gaps, then take action or build a recruiting plan that fits your organization’s strategic direction.

Meeting Analytics

Real-Time Engagement Metrics

Administrators have new information at their fingertips to help the board like never before. Bring new details to the board’s attention shaped by data on what directors are engaging with. These insights are a perfect way to support the board’s planning and research for each meeting. 

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Elevate Your Board's Decision-Making with OnBoard

OnBoard combines the highest level of security with innovative features designed to optimize your board’s effectiveness. Start your journey and unlock unparalleled security, insights, and efficiency.