Powerful Diversity Reporting Tools

For organizations that champion diversity, OnBoard’s Diversity Reporting capability simplifies the process of recording, visualizing, and planning your board diversity goals.

Diversity Reporting Master

Elevate Your Board's Governance and Compliance

With public disclosure of board diversity increasingly becoming a requirement, OnBoard’s Diversity Reporting software automates the process of monitoring and reporting diversity, simplifying compliance and enhancing your data-driven decision-making approach.

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Comprehensive Diversity Data

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Simplify Succession Planning.

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Compliance Management

Simplify NASDAQ Diversity Compliance

OnBoard untangles the complexity of complying with NASDAQ’s Board Diversity Rule. Our Diversity Reporting solution offers a secure, confidential platform for streamlined disclosure management, automated workflows, and templatized reports that meet Nasdaq Diversity Reporting Requirements.

Simplified Reporting & Planning

OnBoard’s Diversity Reporting software simplifies the reporting process, providing board leaders with a clear and unbiased visualization of diversity metrics on their board. Through charts and tables, users can easily analyze various attributes such as age, gender, racial/ethnic background, disability, LGBTQ+ status, and/or veteran status. This feature is instrumental in helping organizations overcome diversity barriers and attain their corporate board diversity goals.

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Elevate Your Board's Decision-Making with OnBoard

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