Intelligent Advanced Comprehensive Find Anything Smarter Decisions Systemwide Search

OnBoard’s Advanced Search algorithm makes it easy to quickly find exactly what you’re looking for, including full documents, meeting records, message histories, and more. 

Find Absolutely Anything in OnBoard

Document Text & Titles

Meeting Minutes

User Names & Job Titles

Agenda Sections and Descriptions

Votes and Approvals

Messages & More

One Keyword, Every Asset

With a single keyword and a click, you get results from every file, asset, conversation, voting record, meeting minute, and agenda within your organization’s OnBoard instance. Search results display file types, locations, and filters so you can find your assets and make informed decisions more quickly. 

Deep Search

Keyword search within title and text of supported Documents, Messages, Users, Meetings, Agenda Sections, Approvals included Support for native Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint and PDF file formats

Intelligent Results

Prioritization based on frequency and location of identified terms. Closely related search results are viewed in proximity Search history to perform repeat searches

Data Sovereignty Protection

OnBoard’s best-in-class security capabilities ensure every customer, large or small, benefits from an enterprise-grade, industrial-strength, penetration-tested architecture. 

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OnBoard combines the highest level of security with innovative features designed to optimize your board’s effectiveness. Start your journey and unlock unparalleled security, insights, and efficiency.