Roles & Terms Management

Roles and Terms Limit Management provides real-time insights to improve recruiting and succession planning efforts — helping create a more intelligent and responsive board of directors. It’s a holistic way to track your board’s experience, background, and term limits, presenting the big picture for board composition.

Intelligently Craft a Board Built for the Future

Centralize your board’s experience, roles, and terms into a single, easily accessible resource that promotes compliance and helps shape the future of your team.  

Configure roles and term limits

Filter & Export Data

Add by group or member

Intelligent Recommendations & actions

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Set the group, role, and term limit for every board member. Proactively plan future board composition and give nominating committees immediate insights into upcoming term limit deadlines and needed nominations.

Real-Time Insights & Actions

Data-driven notifications alert the board when terms are expiring. Plan intelligently and keep recruitment and succession planning in focus and upfront in real-time.

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