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General Counsels

OnBoard’s best-in-class security and encryption — coupled with robust data management capabilities and granular user permissions — make it easy to protect the board, its members, and the organization from risk. 

How OnBoard Helps General Counsels

  • Proactively reduce risk and foster compliance culture using OnBoard’s intuitive features.
  • OnBoard maintains private communications and reduces legal exposure.
  • Easily control access to sensitive data and prevent breaches.
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Compliance Without Compromise

Create a culture where duties of care and loyalty are quantified, documented, and proactively reduce risk. With intuitive features and industry-leading compliance, General Counsels trusted OnBoard to execute more than 55,000 board and committee meetings last year.
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SOC 2 Certified

Our procedures, controls and security practices have been audited by outside firms with a focus on our availability, security, privacy, confidentiality.

ISO 27001

ISO 27001 Certified

Our world-class security program and infrastructure is ISO 27001 certified, ensuring information assets such as financial data, intellectual property, and employee details are safe and secure.

GDPR Compliant

OnBoard is compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It's part of our commitment to protecting the privacy of our customers around the world.

HIPAA Compliant

We know that healthcare providers experience frustration when selecting and adopting cloud solutions. That's why we've invested heavily into maintaining complete HIPAA Compliance.

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Data Privacy Framework

Certified under the Data Privacy Framework Program, offering U.S. organizations a reliable mechanism for personal data transfers from the EU, while ensuring stringent data protection in line with EU law.

Preserve Privilege & Reduce Risk

The use of an email account provided by a separate employer destroys privilege — a particular risk to independent directors. OnBoard keeps your private communications private, eliminating the need to communicate over third party channels and preserving your privilege.

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Limit The Scope of Discovery

OnBoard makes you a less desirable target for phishing expeditions and frivolous lawsuits, creating a clear delineation for board communications and narrowing the universe of discovery in the event of a Section 220 Books and Records request.

Flexible Archiving Options

Select which annotations, messages, and documents become a part of your organization’s public record and those that remain private.

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Granular Controls & User Provisioning

Prevent user errors and protect data with granular controls and user provisioning. Whether it’s individuals, committees, or groups, OnBoard enables you to block access to sensitive data such executive compensation or M&A plans with a single click.

Safeguard Your Compliance with OnBoard's Diversity Reporting

Nimbly navigate through diversity regulations and reporting requirements and ensure your organization’s compliance effortlessly. With OnBoard, streamline your disclosure management and automate workflow for seamless compliance with laws, including NASDAQ’s Board Diversity Rule.

Download Prevention & Remote Wipe

Prevent leaks with the option to prevent documents from being downloaded to devices. If a board member’s device gets lost or stolen, OnBoard’s remote wipe capacities create a contingency plan to protect organization’s data.

Dynamic Watermarking

Guard your confidential documents with a discrete watermark, ensuring that printed or screened materials are always within your legal purview. Watermarking deters against unauthorized disclosure and provides a robust audit trail, fortifying compliance and safeguarding your organization’s integrity

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Mission-Critical Security Compliance

OnBoard utilizes the gold standard in cloud security: Microsoft Azure. With full disaster recovery & active geo-replication you can be sure board materials are completely protected.

Azure Security

OnBoard offers the gold standard in Cloud Security: Microsoft Azure. Delivering full disaster recovery & active geo-replication. It's just part of our security first mindset, so you can be sure your board materials are completely private.

Two-Factor Authentication

With two-factor authentication, your OnBoard account can only be accessed by verifying your identity using a second method, separate from your password.

Granular Permissions

Granular access controls allow you to set who has access to board materials and communications. Every item in your board book can be quarantined for those pesky conflicts of interest.

Remote Wipe

Remote Wipe provides a contingency plan for your organization if a board member’s mobile device is lost or stolen. Quickly remove any stored data from the device to further protect your organization’s information.

Idle Wipe

As older devices find their way into junk drawers, OnBoard ensures those devices are wiped of sensitive data. When a user goes 90 days without connecting to the internet, the OnBoard app will delete all locally stored information.

Biometric Security

The strongest security available! Never worry about forgetting your password. Simply login Touch ID or Face ID on your iOS device.

Secure Single-Sign-On

Integrating with your Active Directory Authentication Library, both Okta and OneLogin SSO enables teams to seamless login to OnBoard while automating access controls and user provisioning. 

Compliance & Records

Control how your organization handles sensitive data. You can automatically purge all notes and annotations when board books are archived.


The strongest standard in the board portal industry – our data centers utilize industry leading RSA 4096 bit encryption for data in transit between a user’s device and at rest.

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